Reviews for "A Christmas Special, or"


that has got 2 be the creepiest thing i have ever seen in my entire life. y is santa being portrayed as hitler n y is that so mezmorizing i think i was watching it 4 30-40 mins b4 i realised and switched it off. plus those eyes are well fucked up. probably ur best work so far but no more like this one it was scary like gay porn.

. . . . . . !!!!!

I don't know why, but, this video is funny as HELL!!! It's the combination of the Historical facts with Santa Claus and scary eyes and head movement like the Canadians off of SOUTH PARK and most of all, the Christmas Music!!! For some reason, the music makes this video Very FLICKTED!!!

*Cee-bear 2007*


I was watching this with my little brother (4 years old), and the movie scared the shit out of him so bad, i was laughing.....but i had 2 watch it 2 times cause i couldnt pay attention cause he was hysterical....but other than that, great fecking movie

simply brilliant

enough said

great work!

one of your better works in my opinion, uber stylish, dark humor, well animated you have done everything right, I just wish that you had done more close-ups on the weird looking peoples faces.