Reviews for "Tricky Madness 2"

sick dude, sick

Krinkles, you are, without a doubt, the lord of mayhem on the Portal. Yet your mayhem is not careless and sloppy, it is structured and deep. It is more than blood splatter. Every movement so carefully corrected, every line so carefully drawn. You deliver unto us mayhem as it is in the eyes of an artist. Just as Dali does melting clocks, Knox does silly klaymen, Sinatra does it his way, and Adam Phillips tells tales of Brackenwood, you deliver this. And this is good.


That just came out of nowhere! But it was cool to watch!

Like fingernails down a blackboard only with blood

This has to be one of the most intense flashes I have ever seen, and this is a pure good thing. I have never seen a flash express so much rage and insanity so clearly before. You do a really good job at what you do.

Truly an intense, breathtaking flash. Awesome job.

shake babies!

boom boom boom boom die die die die die die die die die!!!


this creeped me out and then it yust ended and i laughed love youre flashes krinkels :)