Reviews for "Tricky Madness 2"

x3 eh hehehe

Everytime I watch this, (which I'm betting is over 50 times because I found the flash on Youtube, someone recorded it) I always either: Dance with the music, go off in a fit of giggles or both.

D: I want the song but my friend is a dick and refuses to give it to me!! >_<

anyways! good job with all your stuff!


This flash was done with great precision and effort...you must have a god like talent that kicks in to people watching this. It has great personality and I think you have potential. In my opinion the way you wrote the beginning made me feel on the edge. Keep it up, son.


my go man that was the worse one ive seen you pus on here
are you ok??
it was great but it left me twitchin
wow that was freakin intense

for full metal pankake

watch madness series and the clown and jebus will make sence


it was good but now im kinda goign crazy i need a tharpist that scared me