Reviews for "Tricky Madness 2"

Holy shit

I love it. It's perfect.

holy fucking shit!

that was one of the most disturbing things i have evaer seen! unbeliveablty violent and underworldy in music and violence. you are either disturbed beyond recovery, or an artisic genious, or a mix of both. good job!

this was very surprising

well krinkels, if you had a point to this i think u made it. i dont mean anything negative but that was pretty entertaining. i showed this to my six year old cousin and he was scared out of his ass. i look forward to ur next tricky madness flash surprising me. and can u plz reply to me i like ur comments. and dont pay attention to those haters, they are just mad cus they don't have ur skill and cant make anything better than u. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! hopefully u'll out do yourself next year!


I wonder if I'll ever sleep again.


At the top of its class in violence. If I could choose 1 sentence to sum up everything this work made me feel/think/want to say it's this:

The hideousness of this THING, will haunt my dreams forever.