Reviews for "Tricky Madness 2"


brilliant loved it wish it could continu tho lol

btw where the the next proper madness coming ^^

This was good.(as a shiver runs up his spine)

wow i knew u had totaly sick ideas but this... this was maddness.
do u find all of ur sick, cruel, horrible ideas from getting mad at ur teachers?now escuse me i see a nice dark corner i'd like to sit and suck my thumb! *curles up and dies*


Not recomended for people with weak stomachs, or who have seizures easily. (No offense)
That movie is "holy shit what the hell was that scary, unbelievably vile thing?!?" worthy. Good job once again from the master of madness!


good but i might have some nightmares for a couple of weeks lol

Why did I stretch it... oh dear god, WHY did I stretch the screen? This deserved way more than five stars.