Reviews for "Tricky Madness 2"


nice.....heh been waiting for this

was laughing my @$$ off!

This was they most kwliest thing i eva saw on Ng

I've seen many things from violent movies to adult humour, but this had everything!!

Is there a chance you could finnish this?
It just seems so... How should i put this... Un-finnished.

I think that you should make a 3RD Tricky Madness & have 1337 Agents & Hank getting cut open.
Hank would be a great edition to this becuase tricky won't let him die & he could be a zombie & bite people with his steel jaw.
0ver All: 17/10, 8/5

You are the GOD of all animated violence

And that is all that needs to be said.


ok im slow backing up from my pc

Made My Food Taste Better!

One Hell Of A Rave In There.