Reviews for "A Random Generator"


i got the postcard pissed in the beer lol


stuff in parenthises i just added to make it funny :)

the monkey ate the monkey
the fat guy screwed the psp
the money p1ssed on the paper
the homework wobbled the photo
the chair had fun with the fish (wtf....)
the bench had fun with the keyboard (giggity?)
the (emo) piano had fun with the chainsaw
the drugs had fun with the pear
the fire fragged the monkey
the tv bathed the baby
the bird looked at the house (ok that was a dumb one >.>)
the bush p1ssed on the chainsaw (XD)
the chainsaw lied to the tank (bad idea...)
the tank p1ssed on the beer (rofl)
the tank thought about the baby
the tree screwed the child (my fav LMAO)
the homework peed on the postcard
the sky watererd the magnet
the baby pooped on the person
the baby hid the table
the picture watered the animal
the magnet destoryed the tv
the person danced with the homework (nerd >.>)
the postcard destoryed the banana
the animal fragged the magnet
the sofa looked at the pear
the picture destoryed the bench
the binoculars grabbed the cloud
the stool ate the photo
the pool destroyed the chair
the animal destroyed the internet (NOOOO!!!!)
the fat guy talked to the internet (get a life >.>)
the music looked at the cat
the card grabbed the drugs
the baby thought about the fire
the music peed on the monkey
the music screwed the internet
the picture fragged the fat guy
the fish peed on the homework
the keyboard danced with the tank
the picture peed on the binoculars
the binoculars pooped on the bush
the photo lied to the donkey
the cd pooped on the picture
the banana cut open the drugs
the dolphin pooped on the baby (wtf... <.<)
the cd had fun with the tank
the (emo) tv thought about the chainsaw
the psp ate the bird
the pear destroyed the child (2nd fav LMAO)
the donkey took the card
the house lay on the monkey (ya the monkeys dead)
the fat guy ate the monkey (ok calm down on eatin ......)
the donkey punched the computer
the pool punched the chainsaw
the homework wobbedled the cd
the pear pooped on the donkey
the fish bathed the sofa
the cloud hid the beer (3rd fav to bad it didint say child hid the beer XD)
the beer wobbled the donkey
the homework ate the dolphin
the binoculars ate the cloud (then found the beer)
the tank wobbled the apple
the bush took the donkey
the animal lay on the postcard
the fat guy pooped on the tank (4th fav and bad idea dude ...)
the person took the monkey
the card took the retard (lol)
the card lay on the tank (oh noez a ticket!)
the sofa hid from the alien
the person took the chair (worst one)
the apple screwed the monkey
the (evil) fish destroyed the angel
the fish looked at the internet
the bench lay on the psp

now for wordz :D


ok my hands r tired but this is a awesome game if i could id rate it a 999999/1



The table screwed the angel. xD

LOL o.o

''The fat guy lay on the computer''
''The retard had fun with the stool''


The Computer Had Fun With The CD! xD