Reviews for "A Random Generator"

funny sentence

The T.V. Cut Open The Baby

good original gadget

the retard fragged the apple

the music screwed the card
the fire fragged the pool(?)
the table crapped on the animal
the table screwed the retard
the fish screwed the drugs(WTF)
the tank danced withthe donky(!)

these are the choice ones


The alien lay on the magnet.-then his brain was erased.
The animal thought about the magnet.-???
The sky growled at the bird.-the bird will never enjoy flying again.
The TV had fun with the chair.-The TV is cheating on the table.
The table danced with the chair.-wow, dancing objects.
The bird grabed the sky.-The bird got sick of the sky's growling.
The computer watered the person.-Must have been some wierd rpg.
The glasses lay on the retard.-He's going to break them.
The cheesecake hid from the fire.-now he will never be baked.
The glasses crapped on the fat guy.-then the retard breaks them.
The fat guy obseved the beer.-so long beer.
The cat growled at the child.-Then eats his face off.
The internet ate the cheesecake.-I guess behind the computer was a bad place to hide.
The donkey crapped on the animal.-I hope the animal wasn't his wife.
The angel crabbed the cat.-The cat ate the childs face and it goes to heaven!!Lucky, im going to eat my brother's face now.
The baby looked at the stool.-then took a huge crap in his pants.
Well, that was only some of the freaky sentences you can make, I'll let you look for more.

this is funny loved it

the banana had fun with the fat guy
the fatguy screwed the donkey!!! lolz

Scentence..... lol