Reviews for "A Random Generator"

The-Kenos1-Laughed His-Ass Off

ROTFL. The sentence gen is awesome... Maybe soon u could make a more complex and random one. Still, very funny. Grate for partys and sunday school...

This is gold!

The house punched the banana!
The cheesecake lied to the internet!
The picture cut open the fire!
The angel growled at the apple!
The keyboard smelt the postcard!


biggest lol ever

The sofa screwed the tree.

And we lol'ed, we lol'ed for hours to come.


The animal fragged the homework

fun game

The dolphin craped on the on the magnet
the banna growled at the cat
The angel punched the monkey
the card looked at the fat guy
the pool fraged the mokey
the chainsaw craped on the beer
the sofa pissed on the bird
the keyboard pissed on the retard
the music screwed the tank
the tree screwed the chessecake
the baby craped on the angel