Reviews for "A Random Generator"


The screen is huge! Atlast i've mozilla firefox! So I could zoom out, for those who can't see anything they should use mozilla firefox too, its free btw.

Nice generator, great for generating randoms passwords =) for sure this would be nicer if we could chose how many letter there were in this and if we could add numbers too but this still a nice generator


i got the postcard pissed in the beer lol


the card smelled the sofa


the monkey ate the monkey.
the apple observed the beer.
the chainsaw screwed the binoculars.
the picture destroyed the retard.
the fire ate the donkey.
the retard talked to the bird.
the bench lay on the cloud.
the postcard had fun with the fat guy.
the postcard talked to the tank.
the drugs punched the cheese cake.
the chainsaw pissed on the stool.
the tv destroyed the monkey.
the stool bathed the child.
the pinao bathed the chessecake.
and finaly
the fish destroyed the baby.


The Computer Had Fun With The CD! xD