Reviews for "A Random Generator"


the dolphin screwed the sofa


the person screwed the baby XDD


"The child pissed on the card" lol really funny


The fire crapped on the psp XD


The house Fragged the donkey (House Dominated Donkey) The photo had fun with the CD (LOLWTF) The bench pissed on the alien (i lol'd) The TV punched the child (asdf) The fat guy had fun with the CD (dicks) The bush screwed the bird (...?) The internet danced with the TV (HAHAHA, OH WOW) The PSP crapped on the tank (sftvuibgfcugfbygascfusa) The PSP danced with the chainsaw (LQL) The fire lied to the angel (OH NO) The child fragged the sofa (Sofa: Z0MG FK U HACKR IMA GET ADMIN TO BAN U) The fat guy watered the dolphin (lolwtf) The banana had fun with the retard (LQLQLQLQLQLQLQL} The computer lied to the cloud (GG) The beer took the beer (yes) The postcard had fun with the bush (dix) The drugs talked to the drugs (Crack: Hello, My brother Cannabis!) The binoculars had fun with the TV (no comment) The cloud hid the child (cool story bro)