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Reviews for "Von Brunk Under Judgement"


A nice spoof on all the poor little .swf bullshit going around recently. Great work. Once again, the animation was quite smooth, enjoyable and as always.... a good laugh.

Keep it up.

Top notch

Animation and graphics were really good and it made me giggle until my left lung collapsed.

Since the Newgrounds rating system doesn't quite express me well enough i've developed my own rating system and I give this:
9 Ponytail Stamps
7 Crab Stickers
and a Clogged Artery

Ego mania is a good thing...

For me it is a God thing... I liked the contrast between those flashes that are inocent of idiocy and well, this. One and a brocken thumb up.

pretty good

very funny...and true.one and a half thumbs up!


NOT BAD ?????