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Reviews for "Von Brunk Under Judgement"

I had to give you all tens...

because there's absolutely nothinging bad about it. It was awsome... 5/5


Me and my friend practically hit the roof at the sudden change of music, since we had our sound on full blast, trying to hear what the old guy said. You have a very good animation style (and choice in music) and humor. :P

And to all who Hate BVB...
...well...just.......GO SCREW YOURSELVES


A merry Jig indeed

THis certainly deserves to go in the newgrounds Collection. Whilst it is somethign of a tried and tested formula for flash, pretty much everything in hte Newgrounds collection is the same but htis has better graphics, cuter characters and a nicer tune.


I was wondering how you battle bammers ^^;;
anyways its f--- funny


maybe if your flashes didn't suck so much. jk