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Reviews for "Von Brunk Under Judgement"

OMFG thats hilarious!

I still have no idea who you are von brunk, but you are one funny guy!


the hell was that about?

Loved it!

Another great flash by Von Brunk!!

Alright that was pretty damn funny!

I love how you found the humor in the way things seem to be done here... Over all I thought it was pretty cool.

Sad But True

Its very true they just wanna blam sothing if the graphics suck or anything like that IF YU FREAKING WATCHED A FLASH MABEY YOU REALIZE ITS FOR HUMOR srry oexplosion for my awsome wanna have a seizure? flash got blammed even though alot of people gave it five some people gave it 0's which brought it down to a 1...btw good movie