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Reviews for "Von Brunk Under Judgement"

i feel your pain

I feel as if ppl are only out there to give me crap too, so i know what your going through. Keep up the good work and never let idiots keep you from having fun.


Ironic to say you have been involved in over 7,000 blams. Quite funny all the same, well done give yourself a pat on the back and buy yourself a new nazi iron cross.


lol, hilarious! If only everyone could see the funny side of getting blammed..

Great Job

I will have to say your humor is briliant... as with the last review, the zelda music seems out of place but the Heavy metal music was awesome. Would like to know what the name of that song is. This should show some people how hard it is to submit files to NG when it would piss off an angry fan base

Sorry Baron.

The graphics and violence were pretty well thought out, though I didn't like the use of the Zelda music. Your style isnt my favorite either, but its not something Im going to complain about. Good job, comrade!