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Reviews for "Lost Rhapsody 2"


Very very hilarious couldnt keep my eyes off of it.


Purdy durned gewd!


THAT IS SOOOOOOOOO GENIUS! The first rhapsody was genius, and this stuff rocks too! Great work! Just great!

The best!!!!

The best lost thing ever 20/10. the john and eko dance thing genius. A masterpiece, its just amazing.

Marvellous, Brilliant!

The ending with Sayd was a "Piece of art", it reminds the quality and style of movies like "Waking LIFE" and "Darkly Scanner"... absolute professional!

Weird All´s songs for most non-native English speaker is kindda hard to get it the first time, so I just watched and enjoyed it 10 or more times LOL!!!!

Your sense of wich scenes best adapts to the lyrics is pretty amazing and entertaining... I published it´s link to a forum of Lost fans w/ over 50.000 subscribers, Hope you get to the top!

Keep up the good work! Amazing improvement

CapnBob responds:

Cool! Thank you!