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Reviews for "Lost Rhapsody 2"

Not as good as the first...

the first one used one universal song and was just great. this one has some great songs but im sure not everyone will reconise all of them in the same way. Though the graphic you've put on top is outstandingly impressive but it doesn't make things as clear or memorable. Though it's still amazing!

Oh wow... I wish I had your skill...

GG You win :P

CapnBob responds:

You can get those skills... but you'll have to cut off my head and take my quickening to do so! THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!


That was great with awesome animation. Although, I prefer the first one, just because I'm into stuff life that. :)

LOL@ Review below mine

First, the fuy who did the view below mine is a complete ASSHAT. Look at his title. Guess if your smart enough to understand lost, you smart enough to not need correct grammar.

Anyway, AWESOME flash. I didn't understand it because I was lost since Lost is so confusing (Polar Bears on the island??? LOLWUT??). But, incredebly well drawn and animated.

Nice ,but...

What is the giant turtle in the space?