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Reviews for "Lost Rhapsody 2"

Nicely Done!

Really great flash!!!
I love the drawing.. man how much time did it took?
I loved it.. :)

Really! Go on with this!

Greatz Dude.

CapnBob responds:

4 months of my spare time! I apparently have no life.

Haha that was tiggity-tight

First off, LOST is my all-time favorite show

and I'm REALLY aggravated by this 'intermission' that they pulled...

This was a stunning video, soundwise and graphicswise.

To Generation-O: He wasn't making fun of LOST, and the song fit perfectly because if you watch LOST, the song actually parallelled some of the events which have occurred and matched the characters who sang the line. For example: Leonard Sims, talking about how he's crazy and Charlie talking about being stoned.

I tip my hat to you sir.

CapnBob responds:

Thanks! The hiatus is annoying, but I understand why they did it. It's a compromise with the network, necessitated by the lengthy shooting schedule and production times for each episode. Last season, they had a seemingly-random schedule that mixed new episodes with repeats and nobody knew when a new episode would show, so now we have this one huge painful wait followed by the uninterrupted bliss of 16 weeks of new episodes.

Great job!

Amazing improvement on the first. Completely hilarious. Most watch for an Lost fan. I hope to see what you do for Season 3. Hopefully you'll do this for other TV shows. Such as The X Files *wink, wink*

CapnBob responds:

I'm not sure I'll find a song that works for season three, and if I don't find one that just clicks perfectly then I may not do one. Next up may be a different kind of project, though...


I really love both of these movies, I hope you have it in your to make another because I'd personally love to see it. I really liked the artistic style of this one and the songs kicked ass. Great work, keep it up!!!


the intro was orgasmic, I loved this. I like the cartoon drawn style of it.