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Reviews for "Lost Rhapsody 2"


Wow......... That was certainly different. I mean the whole art and animation style was totally freaky realistic. And to think you used such artistic prowess for a Weird Al polka. Still, it was a very well-made flash. I can definitely tell you put a lot of time into making this thing. Maybe for the next one you use a better Weird Al song.

CapnBob responds:

Weird... that's one of my favorite tracks from Weird Al. What are you suggesting, maybe Nature Trail to Hell?

i hate Lost too

Lost really got lost. PrisonBreak ftw.

Your Fukkin Nuts

That most have taken forever to make man... shiiiiit

Unbelievably good

I didn't even see the second season of Lost, and that was still amazing. The animation, the drawings, the music, all of it was terrific. You really did an awesome job on this.


This was the best thing i've seen in ages!!!
Keep up the work, wierd al rocks! and so does your art! 10/10