Reviews for "a SMB3 Tale I"

Very Good.=) I could not find much wrong with it.

It had the True Super Mario( the Mario that can beat up enemies like that, is what I would consider the True Super Mario. Sure, the Jumping is good, but ya gotta love wachtin' Mario punch and kick the crap out of enemies.>=) ) in his SMB 3 form, and the musis was SMB3 music almost the entire time. Altogether, the wjole thing followed the theme perfectly, thats why I gave it an Overall 10, and voted Top Five.=)


dude, Mario kicked their ASSES!!!! That was freakin' awesome. I loved the prologue when Bowser broke in and whupped Toad ass. okay, I noticed something ya put in there. yeah, you know, at the beginning when that hat appears after Mario and Luigi kill the Goombas. you click on it and some guy pops up and makes a wierd sound. I dunno why you put it in there, and I don't know wut it means, but it an interesting little secret. Anyway, that action was hilarious and who knew Mario had it in him? 5/5. NICE WORK!!!

P.S. I know Luigi's comin back cuz when it showed him underwater those blocks appeared for some strength. YAY LUIGI!!!!

Loved It!

Id really like to more of this Series. Keep up the good work :P


dude, that was sweet. btw, whats the music u used in the intro thingy?

wat were they doing?

were they having a contest or something at the start

anyway, nice