Reviews for "a SMB3 Tale I"

A new sprite master?

I have to say I loved watching your style. I know these are video game sprites but you made this better than I have ever seen them made before. You have to be one of the best. I loved the contemporary movement you gave to Koopa, Mario, and Luigi.

I can't wait to see part 2.

yes im lovin it

but i DO hate it when you slip in the little things like "VOTE 5 ;)" MY GOD DO I HATE THAT. i voted 5 anyways BUT W/E lol. anyways wicked movie im impressed and looking forward to the next ones

i loved it

this is 1 of the best mario flashes i have ever seen

ive never seen 8-bit put to good use

ive seen this done with 16 bit before, and that was pretty impressive, you on the other hand was spectacular, the begining was great, you grabed the veiwers attention, and leaving a cliff hanger to make the audience wonder on, where mario gunna go, and wat will happen of luigi, you could of used bloog n guts, and i see u werent trying to be funny, good job bro

Kool beans.

What an amazing and pretty funny SMB 3 sprite flash,i really like how this one was made,excellent job. =D