Reviews for "a SMB3 Tale I"


really great !
love Mario and I agree more Luigi next time please


like the summary ... WIKED and awesome for a first timer you will go really far XD XD XD awesome fight scenes and story ideas wiked sound and wiked sprites especiaaly custom ones :D only thing you could do is make it a lil bit longer but for first time you probz didnt wanna make a long film in case it didnt go down well ^^ which IT WENT WELL!! and i though the only bit of criticism i could give is simply I thought that they moved across the levels a lil bit slow but thats not even a bad thing ^^

Very well loved! Had a GREAT STORY LINE!

i loved the story line. it was very good. I can see that a lot of effort was put into this, and out of all the mario movies ive seen, this was the most clever and greatest. Al though it wasnt too humourous, like bursting out loud laughing, it was still very good. Good work guys!


the squish and streatch you did with the sprites was cool nice unique movie. well done!

the song?

What's it called?