Reviews for "a SMB3 Tale I"

Good Stuff

You got me hooked can't wait to see the next. Keep em comin!!

very nice

That was very good. there are a lot of mario sprite battle things out there but this is one of the best. only thing i didnt like is that Luigi was made to look lame 8(. overall a good flash, mario is a lot better when he can punch and kick and stuff.

I love it.

This is freaking awesome!!!

i get whats gonna happen!

luigi is gonna bump one of those blocks, sending out a 1-up mushroom. luigi is going to come out near the middle or end of the
movie, helping mario with whatever problem he is in. by the way, i havent whatched #2 of it yet.

it was awsome...is there a continuation?

It was awsome man...the fight scenes the classic music and grafics...but is there really a continuation? if there is plz reply and give me its name i must see it, u have ny support.