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Reviews for "a SMB3 Tale I"


Reminded me of the good 'ol times. Super Mario Bros. 3 used to be my favorite game for the NES. ^_^

Good job. Can't wait for the next episode. :)


Alright, I thought this was gonna be kinda suck using the sprites from the old SMB3 but your custom animations made this into the most awesome SMB flash i've ever seen, KEEP'M ROLLING.

Graphics, dead on with the style of the old nintendo classic, even your fresh animations looked seamless

Style, fantastic can't even describe.

Sound, I liked the use of ALL mario sounds, made for a much better flash than using only the sounds from SMB3

Violence, Toads getting their asses handed to eachother, Mario AND Luigi working together kicking ass. Awesome fight scene with the hammer brothers

Interactivity, watching those two brothers together brought me back to when my brothers and I used to play this game, to me... THATS FRIGGING INTERACTIVE

Humor, ALOT of quality SMB3 Gamer humor, if you didn't play this game religously then you probably didn't get alot of it, such as the peace sign from Luigi for getting Tanooki Suit, That was how i always felt when i got that suit.

Overall, this really was a much higher quality flash than i was expecting, I was expecting the standard sprite flash... You rose to the occasion and managed to impress, I'm proud to give you 10's across the board and a vote of 5


Nice, nice work n_n




That was great i loved it brilliant animation, sound , music (same as sound i guess ) and great voice acting, but it was the animation that was so beautiful you get a full 5 from me wish i could give you more as there is so many dodgy mario flash's out there but this is the best so far well done dude i truely hope to see more work from you in the future keep it up,


i like this flash. can't wait till no.II!