Reviews for "The Banshee"


i really enjoyed this flash. very good animation. keep up the good work


your site is ok, but the hallways cam look really fake I swear. Other than that the flash was amazing! I never seen such intersting animation


A+ in your flash skills. excellent.

A fear with style

This was an excellent flash. Very well done. I applaud your skills at creating a creepy atmosphere, even borederlining on scary, all without the tiresome, cheap trick of a quick startle when a disgusting sight pops up.

Once again, thank you for not resorting to a disgusting image, but instead using style and finesse.

Wow... Amazing.

ATTENTION FELLOW NEWGROUNDERS: This is NOT one of those things where an ugly face pops up and screams! Relax and watch it!

I have to say, pretty interesting, really artistic and quite chilling! I must congratulate you because you made me something that no-one acomplished until today: you made me feel shiver with a moving skeleton.

I have never been afraid of skeletons! In fact I like them! I'm a huge fan of the Undead and yet you made me shiver with this flash.

Also, I felt a little creepy with my cat by my side, because her name is Banshee. Well, pretty amazing job! I added it to my favorites!