Reviews for "The Banshee"


dude that is one of the scariest things I ever saw and the fact that it was a flash anim made it even better dude i aint gonna sleep much tonite...


Absoloutely Great, I love the Way the Skeletons Walked and how they Almost Looked 3-D, Yet they were Sillohuettes :o Amazing work, Keep it up.


The animation was smooth, the sound was perfect, the story was haunting. Thiss was awesomely made and your concept was perfect, well done this was just awesome.I wish I could only vote on the categories that applied, it makes me a tad angry...good job!


I love Irish folklore, and I particularly adore the way this was completely animated in silhouettes. Those skeletons looked perfectly 3-dimensional. How you pulled that off I don't know, but it was grand! XD


This was Realy Good But it was Bit Short Just make it Longer. I Realy liked this Keep up the good work!