Reviews for "The Banshee"

Nice look

This flash had an impressive look to it and the voiceovers were pretty good too. I personally loved the look of the skeletons at the end.


It was a good flash... ill give you that but i didnt find the story too impressive but then again i dont find much of nething too impressive


oooohhhh. that was unnerving. im not going to sleep tonight. icredible animatin, nice storytelling. i didnt get the bit with the skeletons, but it was still creepy. oy. i feel weird

My dad told me similar stories. . .

I had to see this animation ecause my dad would tell me stories about the Banshees. Just thought I'd say thay. Great job with this film.

Spooky Awesome

Wow That Is Probably The Best Halloween/Spooky Animation Ive Ever Seen On Newgrounds, It was actually Scary....The Movie Was Awesome Keep up the good work