Reviews for "Final Defense: Last Stand"


The game ran too slow. The quality for some strange reason kept switching all on its own despite the fact I had changed it to HIGH. The original game was a lot more fun but had a lot more glitches. I would have been happier if this sequel was just the original but with the glitches ironed out and a lot more power-ups. My score from the 1st one: 53210 - all powerups - really far until the game glitched on me when a mole tunneled into my wall( even tho i had shot at it it still wouldnt die) then passed through the wall and carryied on going out og the flash window and still wouldnt die no matter how much I mined, shot at, airstriked, and nuclear blasted. grrr. In THE SEQUEL I died because it became so slow i couldnt do anything, i had no sheilds at all, and i died on $50.

wat a stupid game

1st of all in the start u dont start with any money n the tanks shoot from the start so theres no gaurding from it so wats the point of putting that menu up in the start lmao stupid stupid stupid, i should give u a 0 but at least u gave us 2 towers at the start n graphics werent that bad so ill give u a 4/10

it was ok

it was pretty fun I liked it!!!


liked it was a fun game

did you play this?

did you even test your game yourself, if so and you thought it was good enough to submit then your either some sort of gaming robot or your stupid ill go with the latter for now, my point is the guys shoot as soon as they enter the screen so there is no way to not take damage from each enemy making this game just ridiculous. final defense indeed, please dont make another one, that is unless you decide to make it a decent challenge and not impossible