Reviews for "Final Defense: Last Stand"

fix, the graphics, sound, diffuculty., everything,

Rustygames responds:

Its been almost 9 years since I've looked at the source code of this game, but since you've fed back such helpful points, I'll get right on 'fixing everything'.

I found this to be a pretty good game. Its main fault is that the graphics aren't that good. While it might not be something I would recommend, it's not bad. I think it is somewhat creative with how the defenses are built. It was weird to be able to control two towers at the same time, not that it really helped me. I find it weird an entire blast would be needed to kill one guy.

Again, you could have had some better designs. Happy Halloween, I guess? War could be scary in some way. The music is quite triumphant. Then again, all war music is like that.

it wouldent even let me out of options

Very Good

But they shouldnt be able to shoot your base until a certain point.....


This was just terrible, the fact there is no way to prevent yourself from incurring damage is probably the worst thing