Reviews for "Final Defense: Last Stand"


i don't no about u my turrets worked fine it must be ur computre

fix all the glitches and it might be a decent game

i could sit here and name all the bugs and glitches all day,but the most annoying one to me was that the turrents wouldnt aim and shoot where i pointed to half of the time.i know this wasnt caused by my computer,seeing how i can play games like world of warcraft without crappy performance,plus i have a high speed connection.i might of been able to play the game a little longer if that glitch wouldnt of pissed me off so much.


this was horrible, slow shooting, horrible fx, bad grafix, and plus it's just a defending game1 try harder111 and this game doesn't deserve any capitalization


Sorry, I just did not like it. get gun fx, and explosion.
Over all good effort.

gt boring

the gun was waaaaaaaaaaaay too boring you need to make it fater firing with a noise and gun flash.the enemys were well animimated despite this.it would alo be cool if you could see the base take visible damage.
change that gun make the game faster youl be on to a winner