Reviews for "Final Defense: Last Stand"


Them shooting before they even appear in view is just lame, and makes it impossible. You buy a repair for you base...and get a lame repair job thats like barely any repair...i mean what the hell? How can you survive if you have spend more money on repairs then upgrades and improvements?

There's alot of problems with this game...


seriously they shoot me before they even get on the screen


Seriously, make the enemies smaller and give the player more than a nanosecond to react to them being on the screen.


The immediate problem with this game, the problem that made me stop playing before I'd wasted two minutes on this game, is the range of the opponents. I believe I played in "Long Town", one of the "Easy" zones. The planes began firing the instant they showed up on screen. Thus, it's impossible to stop them from hitting your base. Five planes in, I'm down. This should not happen. Take a look at games like Defend Your Inglor for inspiration here. There should be a line that ranged opponents have to reach before they can fire, and it should be reasonable that the player could defeat them before they reach this mark. At least, in the Easy levels. That's where this game missed, and that's why I'm giving it such a low score. Sorry.


its very hard to find an amzing defence game here, and this one is just plain bad, when big tanks come the bullets dont reach.

very bad game!!!