Reviews for "Final Defense: Last Stand"

plz solve this problem

in free mode there is a problem u shoot someone and instead of them dyeing it says game over
apart from that awesome game and shud be greatly rewarded

Rustygames responds:

Thanks for the bug report I have now fixed. :D
!()/!() review ; )

Nice game, emo :)

Cool idea, great execution. The style really shoots it. The only thing is the auto quality option gets really annoying. Can't you have it take the average from the last thirty or so frames rather than react to every small drop or rise?

Other than that, it's great :)

Rustygames responds:

The auto quality can be switched off by going to the poptions menu (press P)

the first not to be 10 out of 10 (ok i lied)

great game music exalent whata funnier than shooting bad guys?

Rustygames responds:

yea those bad guys need to get whats coming to them ; )
Thanks for the great review

Great sequel

This game rape's period.

Rustygames responds:

Thankyou very much :)

This Game Has Raised the bar by far!!!

This Game raises the bar higher than ever before.

You can choose different scenes to play

Awsome Upgrades!

Good Music!


Rustygames responds:

Thanks man :D