Reviews for "Final Defense: Last Stand"


sure, this was sort a decent idea for a defence game but was made horribly... i played an easy map, said "ok, this is alright." i then played a different easy map, but it was the same thing. then i went back to the first easy map and I HAD ONLY 1 TURRET AND THERE WERE PLANES FRICKEN DROPPING A SHIT LOAD OF BOMBS ON MY BASE... WTF!! IF THAT WAS AN EASY MAP, I WOULD HATE TO SEE A HARD ONE. it gets too hard way to fast

Fake and Gay

1 for trying to make a game 2 for good art and -8 for being complety unbeatable and utterly retarded,i mean come on tanks start rushin' on round 2?

WTF!/ this game kinda sux

One star for eforrt and -9 for it beeing so damn hard most games like this i make it towards the end b4 dieing not 2 secs gah

ok but their rushing it

they rush the game too fast... i got like 5 large twin-turret tanks and im going like wtf? how do you win that?

wtf man?

I gave it an honest effort and played it a couple times but yOU've got to make it a little easier to start out. Perhaps explain where is a good place to start fighting from. And give a new player a chance to figure out whats goin on before you hit him with those giant fuckin tanks. Great idea. execution needs another look. Good try though. Fun until i died after 45 seconds