Reviews for "Final Defense: Last Stand"

Not bad, could use some improvements.

I enjoyed this game, there's a few things that could use improvement though. for one, It'd be nice to have shortcut keys to use your nuke/mines/airstrike where your mouse is since dragging them from the thing onto the board is tedious and usually causes more problems that it solves.


This game is great. Gets a bit dull in the end but except that its just great. I dont know what the others are complaining about.

Good Game

Generally a Good Game. I liked the Music Selections for the gameplay and I also noticed (not sure if anyone else did) That the Rocket Towers Firing Sound was from the Doom 2 Rocket Launcher which i really liked. A couple things i would like seen to be added and improved to the game is more difficult missions and enemies. Any Possibility of another Final Defense Game?

Needs much inpovement.

This game repeats: Click, lazer sounds, dead poorly animated soldier.

I think this game would be much better if you could deploy your own units, while assisting them with the lazer cannon. When you kill soldiers you get both EXP and money. EXP to upgrade the lazer cannon and money to upgrade units and towers. I know this totally flips the "defense" style of gameplay into an RTS. I also know making this kind of stuff is much easier said than done.

2/10 for effort
2/10 for idea
Total: 4/10


This is just bad, bad effects and bad graphic quality!