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Reviews for "Heist-A Thief's Nightmare"

I like the game, but I dont like the deathtraps, and I dont know what the cigarette does

500000 dollars

It's hard, but fun. Although the walkthrough takes you to a FREAKING REAL ESTATE PAGE! THE FUCK!?

OzMafioso responds:

I apologize for the walkthrough, it was at a domain that I once had ownership over. One of these days I'll eventually fix some of these things, I just gotta dig up the older files and a version of flash (not animate) that supports ActionScript 2.0. Thanks for playing and I'm glad you enjoyed it! Again, sorry for that walkthrough link.

gg back to when gaming made sense! the good old game days when armor games actually made cool indie games not the random crap they generate nowadays ! and also what ever happend to crazymonkeygames.com or fog its just well not what it used to be sometimes change isnt really the anwser but strive for a better gaming quality i mean look at runescape they f,dup i bouth 1 year member got hacked and well here i am playing on newgrounds still after it happend ever still ! lel noew people who are reading this think whut well i say long story short old games who were good games will be good forever and also how do i even beat this i keep stuck on the part x marks the spot near the end i guess gg people find this helpfull also with the teddy bear part just click on arrows and use spacebar alot easy peasy :)

Could have been a great game but the traps are too difficult and you don't get enough lives before having to start completely over. Just not worth replaying, especially when you know that you will lose. You should have made a skill level selection or god mode. That way everyone would be able to finish and be satisfied at completing the game.