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Reviews for "Heist-A Thief's Nightmare"

won't use cord

It's pretty fun and creepy but no matter how many times or where I click the cord, he still jumps down the hole without it (yes, I click on the cord first then the hole). Anyone know what's wrong?

OzMafioso responds:

click "use" then cord and then the hole. I know, that's retarded, but so was I when I put that aspect of the game together :) Thanks for playing!


My lil' bro(he's old enough to watch these games,don't worry)had nightmares for this.I have to admit,it's a little creepy :/

Great game.

Its great if u know a quicker way to not die from booby traps. keep one of your hands on the arrow keys and when u see an arrow at the bottom of the screen, press that arrow key, (it depends on if u need to press it one, hold it, or press it multiple times).

there is something wrong

i can't get the plunger! how can i get some money here?

Great Combination

Though i wish to know what the song played at the end when u claim ur reward it sounds so familiar, but idk the name of it can anyone help?

OzMafioso responds:

It's the theme from the movie "The Island". Thanks for the review :)