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Reviews for "Heist-A Thief's Nightmare"

Good idea...however

The concept of this game is good. However I was dissappointed that after stalling out at one point I referred to the walkthrough and some of the steps in the walkthrough weren't working (steps 3. and 4. of the walkthrough) within the game causing me to be at a complete stand still.

OzMafioso responds:

Yeah, I didn't make it very clear on the walkthrough, but when designing the game, I made the mistake of adding that silly "use" button. You have to click "use", then the plunger and then the sink. Silly right? Well I plan on adding medals to all my games and I'll make some fixes for this game as well :) Thanks for playing!

maybe im doing something wrong here...

but i cant get down the long tunnel in the locked bedroom
i try using the electric cord and it wont work
up until then though this game is really cool

Short and mediocre.

It wasn't great a great concept and the puzzles weren't too complex or clever. The only thing I really did like was at the very end, where there is a beautifully hand-drawn piece of artwork which I really liked. If I was rating the piece of art only, I would give it a ten. But since I'm not I give it a 3.

OzMafioso responds:

At first I was upset with the score, but it's an older game so I understand. But then you gave me props on my artwork at the end and made my day :) I really appreciate it!

Whats the deal with the items?

They dont really do much do they? lol

Anyway.. overall it was a pretty good game. It kept me interested the entire time I was playing it. Artwork was great.
Hope you keep making games!!

Good game, but a little frustrating.

I think there should have at least been a checkpoint maybe towards the (despite the game's short length), but aside from dying a lot I liked this game. It had good atmosphere and the mirror part really made me jump (despite me reading about it ahead of time) xD The evil bear part was also cool too, and when he punches the bear afterwards I laughed so freakin' hard. All in all, great job with the game.