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Reviews for "Heist-A Thief's Nightmare"

Death Suckage.

Seriously, it's not registering when i hit my arrow keys. it's pissing me the hell off, because i wanna beat the game -- it's good. I'm tired of 'deathing' over that shit.


Bone chilling the entire time and the random reaction commands kept me on edge the whole time, I also loved the occasional humor from some of the later cutscenes.


Ok i am really pissed.I cant get past the black ghost.And what the hell do you use the cord for?And why when you light the match on the mirror a....lol i am not going to say that.Because you know what i am talking about

The only things scary about this game...

Is the game play. I really give you 3 stars for the death scenes. I laughed so hard when my face got split open. Mainly because I JUST went through that room. I suggest for over-deaths check out Shadowgate. At least then you cause your own deaths from doing stuff.
I loved where you were going with it, but honestly if you don't see anything in a house after going through a bunch of crap just to get in a few rooms, then you're not gonna rob that house. Put a dead body in the living room or some type of incentive for the guy to keep solving silly little scenarios, like a treasure hidden in the walls.
Particularly I would use the thief's greed to lead to his demise or, based on his wit, his escape. This also would lead to a possibility of different endings.
Needs a lot of work, the words would glitch over each other. I couldn't figure out if I was using objects or not.
I wanna see a sequel that pwns this one's face. Keep trying. :D

OzMafioso responds:

First shot at a game man. it was meant to be goofy, gory fun. The guy is obviously not the brightest... and he gets himself in to this ridiculous situations in the house when he shouldn't even be there. Just take it for what it is, it's old, :)


Appreciate the work put into it but it's glitchy, man.

OzMafioso responds:

I appreciate the review, but what's glitchy? I need to know if it's really a glitch or if you're just stuck. PM me so I'll know if I need to fix it. Thanks :)