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Reviews for "Heist-A Thief's Nightmare"

Is possible you could slow the traps a little. It keeps switching the buttons and I die before I can press anything.

why the flarp did he not use the exstension cord?? o well good game im not starting over ... that bear creeps me right the F@#k out XP

Very interesting.

I enjoyed this. I found somethings a little unnoticeable like the key on the sink and the crack in the wall where the sink pipe is at and it felt a little unintuitive at times, but overall, very good.

Oh, and when I was wondering what izzy1184 was talking about, I waved the match around the mirror, and knew what he was talking about. Scared me half to death, and made me quit the game haha. Because of that, I expected the worst, but thankfully, there wasn't anything else like that. That was cruel though, Oz hahaha.

can u tell me

why wen im in da base ment dat thing kills me no matter wat? even wen i move to a place were its not at it still kills me how do i get passed it?

funniest moment in the game

when i held up one of the matches to the mirror in the bathroom
my faced matched the thiefs perfectly
i not gonna lie you got me