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Reviews for "Clay Animation V Animator"


^^Good Points^^
An interesting idea for a clay movie. Instead of making a cheap knox ripoff like most people do, you actually made something creative and it turned out quite well. Everything is very smooth, even with your hand incorporated into the stopmotion. This was pretty fun to watch.

^^Needs Improving^^
I thought the characters could have been cleaned up a bit. They just seem like they were made very quickly, with lots of small details just just don't look right.

PhynStudios responds:

Thankyou for the good points.
The reason the characters were so bad was because it made itself. In Animation Vs Animator its just a stick man, because its the most simple thing to do and torture, and we underestimate them all.


I usually hate clay films, but this actually very good!

PhynStudios responds:

Thankyou, i love clay animation ^^

It was OK

I don't like most claymation cos they are usually too dark, to short, to much like each other and too crappy. This is I reasonable attempt at expressing A v A in claymation form.
You captured the idea of the animator trying repeated attempts to destroy the animation and the sight was a good idea.
I didn't understand the dark character at the end and I think that spoilt it.
I dont know why claymators don't use sounds- if you did this would be SO much better. Please seriously consider doing that to this, preferably removing the music, to be more like the original.
Please DO work on this, dont just leave it whether it gets through or not- its a good idea and its worth working on. Study the original over and over again and write notes on how you can make a detailed, funny parody of it. Make it more like a flash movie instead of a claymation with a white background instead of whatever happens to be in the room extend it a bit- AvA is quite long- put in scene select- ask the author if there is anything he would like you to try, then do proper credits.
Best Wishes, IceDragon64 of the Dragons & Spirits

PhynStudios responds:

Thankyou, i like long reviews. Better than someone posting



"dat woz rate funeh liek"


gay animation

and its not even origanal!, animation vs animator was much better, at least the music was descent

PhynStudios responds:

Im going to wish cancer upon you!

really good i liked it alot

its nice a great tribute to animator vs. animation the blue guy was funny at the end and it all went so smooth i gave it a five hopefully it makes it through if it doesnt then all those ppl can burn in hell

PhynStudios responds:

It made it through, but i have wished cancer upon those who voted 0