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Reviews for "Clay Animation V Animator"

That was very good.

I liked this one, the claymation is smooth and it shows you worked hard. I also liked the idea of clay animator vs. animation thats very original and pretty cool. and the random blue guy at the end who fell off the desk cracked me up for some reason lol. but yeah this was really good i five'd it. good job :)

PhynStudios responds:

Thankyou, The blue guy is from my Clay series "Phyn" which will be continuing soon.

This one is distinct.

Nice clay animation. It comes smoothly, shows that much work was put into it. I would recommend putting in sound effects, and try to pick different music for different "scenes".



PhynStudios responds:

It was mostly just one scene, and my speakers are broken, so... i got any random music, and plomped it in.


Nice tribute, with a really creative, yet suprisingly smooth method of animation. You don't see many clay animations that move fast, nevermind smooth!

You should make more, since you seem to be the only person on this whole website who can make clay move without it stopping or appearing to "stick". Good job.

Keep up the good work!

PhynStudios responds:

Thankyou for this detailed review, i will be making more animations.

i like

its good but lacks a few things. sound should be emphasizing the cartoon and the lighting and everything is very dim. i enjoyed the animation except the clay shoud have won *wink* lol. hope to see more. this should get through judgement just fine

PhynStudios responds:

I really couldnt decide who to make win, tbh i wanted the clay to win... but in Animation Vs Animator the human won, thus i cant change that.

A Good Movie

This is a funny movie. Definitely reminds me of Animator vs. Animation, which was also good. I like how you claymated the whole movie, and then you fought with the clay guy, even using a clay gun (lol!).

PhynStudios responds:

Well, i do my best ^^