Reviews for "the Echo"


That was great. The music was awesome and I like the style very origional use of that old eastern paintign style... At least that is what it looked like to me... Anyways once again that was kick ass. Later.


The animation style was very cool. I've seen it before in Mulan so I can't say that it was original, but you did a great job with it. I loved the way you used the music: I got chills when that violin was hitting the high notes. I wish there were more submissions like this one. Keep up the good work!

Twas pretty good.

Very well done. The story was a little to lacking for my taste. Simple movies/messeges work only SOMETIMES, and I think your messege was a little TOO simple. On the other hand you did do a very good job on the animating and I agree that you did a good job of working with a single background texture. Btw, I think i saw a tutorial for making that background on good-tutorials. I think you can find it if you search "parchment". Other than that, nice job. Cheers.

Wholly Fudging Carprol Tunnel

That was an amazing piece of work. Especially on NewGrounds. That was really good. I hate giving good scores and compliments but you managed to provide something good and tasteful in the same animation. Good job man.

One of the best animations I've seen

Truely a great little film. The animation was smooth, it fit with the music, and most imprtantly, it didn't rush the story. Sometimes it helps to move a bit slower in order to set a mood, and you really seem to have mastered that technique. I loved it, but now I want more! Gimmie!