Reviews for "the Echo"


this is a very well done flash, and i think the music fit nicly


ok whoever you are drop your job become a professional animator that was beyond amazign the music was perfect the art sensuous and realistic to what you where trying to convey simply perfect


I use NG all the time, but I seriously just joined the site to rate this submission. I LOVED it. I had tears at the end.

Definitely one of the better submissions

I saw this and was duly impressed. You have a genuine flair for telling a story...and your transitions were so smooth! The background was so beautiful (I think it was a shame you chose to colorize it at the end though even though it did drive the end's feeling. But that is not a complaint about this...just a personal wish.)
I'll be keeping an eye on your account and hoping you submit more like this!


nice flash
i like the idea of a pen doing the rocks and the tree whatever....
i liked the song :D

and rememver everyone ILIKEGAMES 'n flashes