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Reviews for "The Pumpkin Plot"

I still watch it!

Definitely one of the coolest and most original Halloween themed NG submissions. Please make more like this :) - Bone.

this is amazing!!!

i love this flash! and the voices are cool too! how did you come up with this? awesome work!

Clever and diabolical Pumpkins!

Hahahahaha - what a hick-some SOB! Voice acting was top-notch for both pumpkins and I LOVED the weird little bit of music at the beginning. This is the kind of humor I go for - real tongue-in-cheek and clever, rather than obscene. Hahahaha @ the lines: "You would spill your seed!" & "Oo - candy corn!"

I really hope you guys will submit something else funny like this this Halloween.

Yay! Liked it.

That was awesome! What a devious little pumpkin!


That was great. Awesome sound and graphics.

I'll never trust a pumpkin again. *shifty eyes*