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Reviews for "The Pumpkin Plot"


this flash is great forget that guy submited he has no taste in quality flashs you done a great job you should do more
keep it up

Pumpkins... they're against us!

And with good reason too! *bakes a pumpkin! >:}* Heh heh, quite a good Halloween flick. This goes in my favorites list.

LOL. Evil pumpkin friend?

Not bad, not bad.

The graphics were good, not the best that I have seen, but good nevertheless. The style is also noteworthly. Sound, good enough for this series. Violence, barely minimum. Interactivity, since this is a movie, all I really care about is a play and replay button, which you got. Humor, LOL. Enough said about that.

Evil pumpkin of DOOM!

Bwahahahahaha. That was awesome. I swear I am the main character, I'd totally do that. Hahaha, I can't stop laughing. 9/10

The real evilness of pumpkins exposed!

Nice work, definatly a great submission to the halloween sector of newgrounds =D

Great animation, and story too - I was wondering why he was talking so slow and 'evil' like, I won't spoil the ending for anyone reading this , but it was planned out very well ;)

The only downside to the animation I had was that when it comes to the part where he is describing the trick or treaters, even on low quality, the framerate drops significantly...Which makes me think you either did that on purpose, or just forgot to add in a few more frames to make it smoother, so you lost a point on graphics for that one :(

However, other then that, the voices were done well, storyline great, animation fluid (for the most part), black gag well timed, and leaves the viewer with a chilling vision of things to come.

Good stuff, I enjoyed watching this quite a few times. Frontpage deserved wholeheartedly.

Voted 5.