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Reviews for "The Pumpkin Plot"


Is that like when, a dog humps too much and they gotta cut off their, y'know? LOL, Great movie man, great script!

Good work

I thought you did a great job on this, like others have said, it was a slow start but a great end. I'm glad there's humor like this in Halloween on Newgrounds, otherwise Halloween flashes would just suck. Anyway great job, being the first contestant I've seen in the 2006 competition I don't think you will win, assuming others will try their best to outdo it. But as of now, just be happy with front page, daily 2nd place, and the good ratings. Good luck to you, even if you don't win you still did an awesome job.

very nice

i have to say, that was pretty nice, need a little work on the lip sync but everything else was awsome.

the beginning was kinda dull but i lmao at the end.

you need to make a sequal for christmas. well not really a sequal but more along the lines of two snowmen and one gets the crap kicked out of him by kids.

just entertaining stuff like that. but youor a great animator and i wish you luck on animations to come!

It was a little boring.

I liked the concept of the whole thing, but I found it to be a little bit boring. For the most part, it was just a still shot of either pumpkin with some voice acting. Perhaps if you took the idea and added a little more.. movement? Still, commendable work on a short time schedule.

ImpendingRiot responds:

I thought about this, being a potential problem with the lack of movement. I wanted the whole movement of the pumpkin to come off as a feat of strength, however, so excessive movement would beg the question - Why is it so hard to escape?


Hello. It was really funny.

ImpendingRiot responds: