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Reviews for "The Pumpkin Plot"


This was hilarious. I would have pissed myself! That pumpkin must be psyco or sumat!


I thought this flash was just awesome. I loved your animation, you had nice drawings and you did well on the shading. The style of this flash was good as well, I loved the idea of this. I think the best part about this flash was the humor. I thought the voices were hilarious and there facial expressions were funny too. You did an awesome job on this flash, keep it up!

It was okay

but with all the halloween themed flashes out there it sorta blends into the crowd.


Ha....This guy is gonna win...The story of the flash was good and how the pumpkin tricked the other one. I also liked the bit where the fat pumpkin says "I know we will Escape!" then the other pumpkin goes "You brilliant Son of a bitch!" and the way the fat pumpkin smiles

"you brilliant son of a bitch"

i think i agree with the last review here, this guy has done it, the best ive seen so far.
if anyone should win it's this guy.
the graphics were awsome, sounds was great, over all though i liked the style of it, i meen the characters were great lol.
i think the pumpkin who tricked him was my favourite pumkin.
i meen lol he's just sly and funny. tricking another pumpkin to kill the carver. lol ingenius :p