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Reviews for "Redemption : Part 1"


The graphics were very good, I'm a sucker for stick figure games/movies. I liked the idea that they were buried with weapons, even though it's a little unrealistic, it's still pretty cool. The sound was awesome, and that dramatic music stab was per-fect! I usually don't care if there's violence or not, but there was, and I loved it. I did have a few problems with the movie though: 1. I don't know if they're zombies or not. 2. It was too short, make the next movie longer.

Also I have an idea for you. To clear some answers up, here's what I'd do. You should make a prequel to part one, that shows who they are, why they're dead, and how they died, but it's just an idea!


I thought that it was pretty good, except for:
1.Why would they be buried with weapons?
2.How did they comeback? Are they zombies?
3.No back story as to why they are fighting.
4.Shouldn't they be at least somewhat decomposed? I mean, they were dead.......

Not bad...

It was fine, like theyr eyes ^^.
(btw, it isn't Ramstien, it is Rammstein and the music name isn't Blitzball Rock it is Underworld [at least the real name :P])


Two stickmans just start fighting in a graveyard without any known reason - it's pointless. Plus the fight is not too exciting and the bg "music" hurts the ears. The best (or less bad) part was, when the "music" suddenly stopped: some calm from that shitty thing some call music.

Too Short

Well, for one, this is way too short. And it needs work on the transitions between actions. Also the sudden stopping of the music was not good.