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Reviews for "Redemption : Part 1"

It's good but...

It has a nice plot and art.
But I dont see any connection between this and Halloween.

Eggy responds:

There resurrected on haloween...
There in a graveyard...
Whoever wins gets to go kill people.

cant wait for the nxt one

this is an awsome begining and a worthy entry for the halloween comp i believe and cant wait to see the next part in the series


Could have done with being longer, but overall I enjoyed watching this flash.

There's not really much I can say in terms of constructive critiscm, except making it a bit longer.

And question: Are the fighter mean't to only be eye's, or is my computer just failing on loading fully for me? It wouldn't be the first time.

Eggy responds:

Umm your computers dying dood, they have bodys :D

loved it

its a very good flash but i tought it was a bit short so 4/5 :D

Eggy responds:

Thanks, yeah i would have made it longer but with the dam music syncing problems and my Flash lagging i was just getting annoyed.