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Reviews for "Redemption : Part 1"


It was good. if it was longer it would be in the 4's. ^_^

It was Good...

It just needs to be a bit longer.....-.-' u get us going with the action and blam its over lol anywho here is my judqing...
1. The graphics were great. i really don't care what some people say "stick" action is where most people start at anyways...
2. The style was great i love halloween and you get a 10 from me there..
3. The sound was decient it kinda changed a lil to much but it fit in with the flash.
4. violence was a lil sparse (seeing that it was a halloween flash)
5. None on iteractivity there was none needed on it..
6. Same as 5.
Overall i gave it a high 9 because i think you did a good job on it so don't let people say other wise... You have been Judged and found...WORTHY Happy Halloween


WEll The Last Guy Was Sorta Right, It Was Descent And Once Again Not The Best I've Seen, The Knife And Gun Graphics Were Good Even If It Was Too Short, there Was No Real Plot Or Stroy Which I Found Sucky, But The Effect On The Eyes Were Good And The Music Meshed With The Music Well, If You Do Conclude It I Hope It'll be A Little Longer, I'm Glad You Put Time And Effort In It And It's better Then Anytinhg I Could Do, And I Wish Alot OF Other People Could Realise This Too, Good Work! :)


was ok

Hmmmmm i thought it was on ok stick and cant wait for part 2. I thought the music went with the animation. Not the worst thing iv seen.

To the comment earlier

First off, I think that the guy who said the earlier meant "Joe Zombie" the animated series by the guy who does all the stuff with mainly stick figures (and if you want to see a good animation for Halloween fright and a GOOD plot, go check it out here on newgrounds), Rob Zombie is a crappy singer/song writer and an even shittier movie maker. Now to you, dear movie maker, come up with your own shit you asshat. You're just as bad as fucking Eric motherfucking Bauman is. And if this is you're own crap, it is one of the worst things that I have EVER seen on newgrounds. Get some talent man, please. But, because I love Halloween so much, I'll be a little nice. When choosing music, actually think about how it would work out in the video. Don't just put in a song because you like it. On the animation, practice makes perfect. And as a writer, I for one know how difficult it is to come up with something original, but don't majorly copy, especially cause Joe Zombie is one of my most favored movies. So next time, put some more time and thought into a competition, and don't think about the money.

Eggy responds:

Dear Retard,

Yes it has sticks, +1 point to you. Yes the storyline is the characters coming back to life from the dead +1 point to you.


-9999 points to you assface.

Wow you being a little nice is giving me complete 0's eh...wow you nice guy you...

Oh i'm sorry, your a writer? oh oh oh so very sorry, because you failed at flashs and became a writer you have to go show your jealous rage to other people...gg

I chose the songs because it did suit, though if you read my comments it got messed up due to Flash errors.

Next time think a little before you type you waste of oxygen.