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Reviews for "Redemption : Part 1"


It was good. if it was longer it would be in the 4's. ^_^


The graphics were very good, I'm a sucker for stick figure games/movies. I liked the idea that they were buried with weapons, even though it's a little unrealistic, it's still pretty cool. The sound was awesome, and that dramatic music stab was per-fect! I usually don't care if there's violence or not, but there was, and I loved it. I did have a few problems with the movie though: 1. I don't know if they're zombies or not. 2. It was too short, make the next movie longer.

Also I have an idea for you. To clear some answers up, here's what I'd do. You should make a prequel to part one, that shows who they are, why they're dead, and how they died, but it's just an idea!

tis good

1. The sound needs improving! the best part of it was at the end credits... bit late... (ok ok so you already said but still...)
2.Too short! although thats more a compliment... its looks like its gonna be a really good movie just make it longer - but dont change anything else. :D toodles

It was Good...

It just needs to be a bit longer.....-.-' u get us going with the action and blam its over lol anywho here is my judqing...
1. The graphics were great. i really don't care what some people say "stick" action is where most people start at anyways...
2. The style was great i love halloween and you get a 10 from me there..
3. The sound was decient it kinda changed a lil to much but it fit in with the flash.
4. violence was a lil sparse (seeing that it was a halloween flash)
5. None on iteractivity there was none needed on it..
6. Same as 5.
Overall i gave it a high 9 because i think you did a good job on it so don't let people say other wise... You have been Judged and found...WORTHY Happy Halloween

loved it

its a very good flash but i tought it was a bit short so 4/5 :D

Eggy responds:

Thanks, yeah i would have made it longer but with the dam music syncing problems and my Flash lagging i was just getting annoyed.